5 Things To Do After a Domestic Assault

Domestic assault is not a new epidemic that is ravaging all countries of the world, and it is not common to a particular sex, or age group. All over the world, people are been assaulted by those they feel should understand, and show more empathy towards them. The growing rate of domestic assault cause for concerns. One would have taught education would eradicate this, but this has not been the case. It is on record that this takes place more among educated folks.

This has to do with when a partner as in the case of marriage couple uses intimidation that might involve physical assault, abuse, to gain power and control over an intimate partner. It could come in different forms, at times, it could be in the form of a sexual or emotional abuse, physical damage. It normally starts when a partner who feels he is alright right, and that he is beginning to lose his right, control over the other partner, as a result of the other partner voicing out his her opinion on issues.

rfgthyjuyThe effects of domestic assault could be catastrophic if not dealt with on time. This has led a lot of kids to take to drugs. Likewise, women who often suffers assaults could have a miscarriage. Also, a male driver who suffers such could have an accident behind the wheel. Safety is a key word when it comes to handling domestic assault issue. If the form of assault that is more physical in nature, it is advisable for the victim, a woman in this instance to seek for another accommodation from friends and family, pending the time the abuser, in this case, can realize his behavior and retrace his steps.

We live in a world that is highly unpredictable, where a lot of changes takes place daily, some good, while most are bad, and as such dealing with domestic assault issues mostly among couples calls for wisdom and discretion. Primarily because of the kids between and the love sake that existed among them before the abuser starts been abusive. No sane men would want to assault his wife, but if such is the case, something must be responsible for it. It could cause loss of job, business, etc., that is why a lot of thoughts must go into it before taken an action that could affect the home permanently.

Below are five things a victim can do after domestic assault

1. Seek help and counsel from close friends and family

One family and friends would always remain the closest people in one’s life. In a case of domestic assault involving the couple, they remain the first point of contact. They know the abuser better and could have the solution to the problems of the abuser, and as such would be in a better position to call the abuser to order.

2. Seek help from senior colleagues

This could apply in a workplace domestic assault. When an employee feels intimidated and abused by another colleague, he or she could seek help, counsel from other senior colleagues.

3. Call 999/112/911 in an emergency

911/112/999 remains the number a victim can call for assistance in case of emergency, especially when the assault is more of physical abuse, and such could lead to death.

4. Seek help from