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Effective Ways of Keeping Your Vagina Happy and Healthy

It is imperative for women to keep their private parts clean. Just like with other parts of the body. This part is also prone to ageing. It is important to note that anti-ageing products cannot be used on this part of the body. In fact, tons of products have been developed to maintain the healthiness of the skin but not for this product. This article is going to discuss the fascinating facts and methods of keeping the vagina healthy.

Use of condoms

They are mainly used by people to protect themselves from pregnancy and STDs. Research done has revealed that condoms are helpful in maintaining the pH level of the vagina. They are also known for increasing the chances of survival of the beneficial bacteria. These bacteria play an important role in preventing yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections.condoms

Wearing commando or cotton underwear

Vaginas have preferences when it comes to the selection of the underwear. Most of them come with strips of cotton fabric. This fabric is helpful in absorbing moisture and breathing making it a great option for that part of the female anatomy. Wearing these commandos is an effective way of letting things to air out.

Workouts or kegels

Workouts are helpful for strengthening the muscles of the pelvic floor. This, in turn, helps in producing mind-blowing and stronger orgasms. In addition to this, workouts are helpful in improving bladder control. It is therefore important to include kegels in the workouts.

Embracing greek yogurt

Taking yogurt that has live creatures is beneficial in boosting the good bacteria. These bacteria are helpful in preventing the common vaginal problems such as yeast infections, some of which are very annoying.Greek yogurt

Lubing up

This is done to prevent the dryness of the vagina. Dryness of this part can have a negative impact on those individuals taking medications such as antidepressants, antihistamines, and hormonal birth control. You are advised to communicate with your partner to avoid forging ahead before this part is properly lubricated.

Going for an annual exam

An annual examination is helpful in addressing the health problems. This is the best time for talking about fertility, checking for STDs, use of condoms and any other random sex issues. You should talk with your partner first before visiting the doctor.

Using the right foods

These are the foods that make it taste sweet. The taste of the vaginal juices is greatly affected by the foods taken. Some of the recommended foods include fruits such as apples, oranges, mangoes among others.